Person Plus A pathway to cultivating healthy relationships

Person Plus

A pathway to cultivating healthy relationships

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Are we sure that love cannot be achieved through your good actions and qualities? Knowing what you need, being able to listen, being able to balance your own needs with those of others, making your skills available to people and seeking solutions to problems without putting others down are characteristics that can make you lovable, or rather make you an “activator” of affectionate feelings. Becoming capable of being loved is a goal within everyone’s reach. In a historical moment like this, when, judging by the complaints and frustration coming from social networks, many people feel a lack of human warmth and recognition, it can create an actual revolution. Giuseppe Turchi has taken inspiration from analysing this social angst to show us the most common mistakes in our communication, our self-expression, and our relationships, with tips on how to correct them. Psychology, pedagogy and philosophy have long identified the causes and have given solutions to this lack of warmth in relationships, but the results of the experimental work done have remained in the pages of academic journals. From this came the idea of exploring this subject in an informal and practical way, to allow everyone to discover how to activate a virtuous circle between their personal and social well-being. This is a book that teaches how to feel happier with yourself and with others.

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Giuseppe Turchi

Nato a Parma nel 1989, è laureato in Filosofia e docente di liceo. Ha tenuto corsi di approfondimento sui pericoli del web e sul pensiero critico. Oltre a saggi di ricerca accademica sulla relazione tra etica e neuroscienze, ha scritto due novelle morali, Nel battito del colibrì (2016) e Cortecce rosse (2018). Nel 2020 ha pubblicato con Ultra Person+. Una via per coltivare relazioni positive.

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