The Via Crucis of a gay man

The Via Crucis of a gay man

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Christ’s Passion represents - even for those who do not believe - the most authentic and true way in which his radical and revolutionary teaching - the universal love - became concrete and continues to be concrete every day, in every circumstance. However, human life is a tormented path: that’s why we all need to hear the story of that Passion of Love again and again. Especially who perceive upon them gazes of hate and not of love - of condemnation and not of salvation - need to hear it. This is the perspective of the author: he faces the Passion of the Lord coming out of anonymity and stereotyped devotional formulas, but bringing into meditation what it means to be homosexual in our time.

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Luigi Testa

Luigi Testa teaches Public Law and Comparative Public Law in Italy, at the University of Insubria and at Bocconi University. He is author of books and essays of law, also for national newspapers. "The Via crucis of a gay man" is his first spiritual book, already published in Italian and German.

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